A motorcycle road trip: La Benzina Summer Camp at Huttopia

Published on 21 December 2018

Have you heard of La Benzina?
Its the biggest Summer Camp exclusively for girls who ride motorbikes.

What’s a Summer Camp all about?
Simply getting together in an outdoor environment, reconnecting with nature, returning to the source, and enjoying some great vibes… And this one (La Benzina) is exclusively for bikers who want to experience an active weekend in a serene and friendly atmosphere.

Far from all the clichés, these new generation bikers share their love of mechanics, the road, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Here, there is no competition, just the pleasure of riding together, combining travelling and chilling with friends. So what could be more natural than to stop at Huttopia! That’s precisely what happened this September: these seasoned bikers set up their base camp at the Huttopia Sud Ardèche Village to spend 2 days exploring the winding roads of the Ardèche as far as the foothills of the Drôme. After a day of biking, the girls relaxed with a yoga session and a break at the village’s forest spa, before watching a film together, doing a spot of shopping at the temporary boutique offering a fine selection of motorcycle brands, and having fun and laughter around a mouth-watering group barbecue… before discovering their cahutte for the night!
We asked some of these glamorous bikers to tell us more about their passion ?


You and motorbiking in a few words?
My bike’s my best friend, it’s an extension of myself. It exhilarates me and nourishes my soul.

Which part of the route did you like best?
It’s hard to say… It was all incredible. The Ardèche roads and scenery were absolutely stunning.

How would you define the Huttopia experience?
Magical… when I’m on a motorcycle trip, I always sleep in tree houses. At Huttopia I had that same feeling. Sleeping high off the ground. I absolutely loved it!!!
A little haven of paradise.


You and motorbiking in a few words?
I’ve always loved biking. I first started in Switzerland, which is an absolute paradise for bikers with loads of mind-blowing routes. And soon I was hooked! It was love at first sight when I tried my Triumph Thruxton. It’s my baby!

Which part of the route did you like best?
Saturday morning in the Ardeche Gorges. I love that kind of road. The landscape was incredible and there was this amazing series of bends.

How would you define the Huttopia experience?
Awesome! I didn’t know about Huttopia and I loved it. I did a lot of camping with my parents when I was a kid. And I loved the way it captures the camping spirit but offers a comfy and cosy setting too. I’ve already told my friends about it, and there’s one not far from my house! I’d do it again without a second thought.
Thank you ! It was just perfect!


Founder of La Benzina

You and motorbiking in a few words?
Getaways, freedom, meditation (alone in your helmet 😉 )

Which part of the route did you like best?
All of it! Both days and routes were fantastic!

How would you define the Huttopia experience?
A glamping version of traditional camping, or, basically, how to make you want to camp!

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Published on 21 December 2018