Episode 1 – Electric Bikes

Published on 23 October 2018


Road bikes, mountain bikes, fixie bikes, vintage bikes… pedal power is becoming an integral part of our daily lives and we love it! After cycling to work in the city or the country, cycling holidays and holiday bike hire are ideal for a family escape exploring regions throughout France. An electric version of the cycle craze is sweeping Huttopia, for exhilarating summer holidays each year. Calling all cycling aficionados!

A closer look at… Electric mountain bikes

Let our expert get you freewheeling…
« The main objective behind the standard electric bikes and electric mountain bikes that we offer for hire? To show that cycling is fun, and these days it’s accessible to everyone! » Mathieu Maisonnasse, Bike Activity Manager

Why this particular model of electric mountain bike?
« We opted for a model of electric mountain bike from the Gitane brand, because they are very similar to Fat Bikes but less heavy and just as popular! This French brand of high-end classic bikes, electric bikes, and electric mountain bikes is now one of Huttopia’s special partners. » Mathieu Maisonnasse, Bike Activity Manager

#CLINCHER N°1 – Electric bikes are multi-generational! They reduce the differences in level within a group or family. The faster members of the group no longer need to wait for the last ones to reach the top of the hill, and everyone can choose how much effort they want to put in.

#CLINCHER N°2 – Our campsites and forest villages are in the midst of nature, usually with little trails setting out directly from the site. The ideal opportunity to head off to explore the region by bike. There are also lots of signposts indicating the marked mountain-biking routes. Keep an eye out! 

Published on 23 October 2018