Episode 2 – Bike Rides

Published on 23 October 2018


Get freewheeling this holiday! With e-bikes, cycling is now possible at all ages and levels so you can enjoy real moments of complicity with your loved ones. Explore and unwind with an environmentally-friendly activity during your next holiday escape at Huttopia.
A look at the experience of a customer on a weekend break in the great outdoors with her family at Huttopia Dieulefit.


Weekend break at Huttopia Dieulefit – 3 adults (including one senior) – Electric mountain biking trip

Which route did you choose from the Huttopia village?
From the Huttopia Dieulefit village, we cycled up Saint Maurice mountain to the summit at 900m altitude!

“I was impressed how easy it was to ride up the mountainside!”

What type of bikes did you hire for the weekend?
We hired electric mountain bikes and they were brilliant for this route, as there’s a very steep climb up through the forest and you need mountain bike tires to cycle on the trails in safety.

“I really would have liked to stay for even longer at the top”

How long did your trip take?
It takes about 1 hour to cycle up the mountain and a bit less to come back down again. It still takes quite a lot of energy, but it feels like doing 1 hour of “normal” cycling with little climbs and descents, while in fact you gain almost 600 metres altitude. Without an electric bike, you could only do that route on foot because of the altitude gain and it would take about 5 hours to walk there and back.
We did the return trip, but my only regret is that I would really have loved to spend more time at the top and to have a picnic up there. There’s a stunning view over the hills and valley.

How difficult would you say this route was?
It really is accessible to everyone, as long as you’re able to pedal and a little bit athletic. We went up with someone aged over 60! The more sporty and adventurous members of our group got to enjoy a real adrenaline rush on the way back down.

“It really is accessible to everyone”

What was your overall experience of hiring e-bikes at Huttopia?
The senior was impressed to do something so “sporty”. It was the first time she was riding an electric bike, she really enjoyed it!
The sportier had fun with his big MTB tires especially in the downhill.
I was impressed how easy it was to ride up the mountainside!

Where can you cycle during your Huttopia holidays? Everywhere!
For 2019, the 37 Huttopia campsites and villages will all be offering bike hire (classic bikes, e-bikes, and electric mountain bikes).

Published on 23 October 2018