How can you truly disconnect during your holidays?

Published on 3 January 2019

In a constantly-connected world where we’re living at an ever-faster pace… it’s time to unplug and get away from it all for the holidays! It may not yet have reached the masses, but “digital detoxing” has become a serious new trend in tourism, as a way of enjoying the holidays to the very full. So, leave your phones and computers in your drawer and let Huttopia guide you towards a successful digital detox.

5 good reasons to unplug this holiday…

1/ Rediscover true freedom!
2/ Treat yourself to some you-time
3/ Don’t miss the most important moments in life
4/ Find your creativity
5/ Take back control of your life by abandoning any form of dependence

After a week, you’ll start feeling the benefits: better quality of sleep and less stress… Why not get ready for an “offline” holiday?!

Your survival kit for your next digital break!

A good book!
A travel diary that you can use to keep a record of your stay, to express yourself in writing, and to empty your mind. Budding artists: why not take up sketching or painting for your holidays?
A paper pocket guide about the best spots in the local area. So, you can leave your smartphone in your suitcase and stroll about with your face lifted to the sky.
A board game so the whole family can set free the inner child within them. Board games are available in the Central lodges on the Huttopia campsites.
Fresh produce from the local market to cook up delicious little dishes every day.

Our top 3 destinations to disconnect this holiday

Font Romeu in the Pyrenees

At 1800 m altitude, overlooking the mountains, it is the sunniest resort in France. Ideal for filling your lungs with the freshest O2…

Lanmary in the Perigord

Pure nature therapy! Are you a fan of forest bathing? Then this is the ideal destination for you! In the heart of the forest, with endless hiking trails and no internet!

Rillé, in the Touraine

A lake, canoes, and pretty wooden chalets. The holiday dream, just like in Canada…

Published on 3 January 2019