Do you know the art of Hygge?

Published on 4 December 2018


To cope with their long, harsh winters, the Danes have developed the art of “hygge”, pronounced “hoo-ga” to embrace the season with cosy contentment. Hygge is a form of carpe diem that invites you to take time for yourself and your loved ones and to create a warm and snug atmosphere so you can really enjoy the present moment and a feeling of well-being and togetherness with family or friends.

Conviviality, comfort, and contentment: the great winter obsession that you can even enjoy on holiday!

Embrace the Danish philosophy for winter happiness… Drinking a hot tea by the wood-burning stove is hygge. Making steaming mugs of hot cocoa at nightfall is seriously hygge. Watching the snowflakes falling, wrapped up in a plaid blanket, with a good book in your hand is more hygge than ever. So, come on, why not create your own winter hygge!

A Huttopia Chalet for a winter snow holiday is pure Hygge
A chalet nestled in the snow, a wood-burning stove, a sleek décor, and a huge outdoor playground… Experience warm and cosy holidays near the most beautiful peaks of France for your winter break.

For a winter holiday in a Huttopia Chalet don’t forget to pack:
>1 snug blanket
>1 scented candle
>1 good book to devour
>1 chocolate bar

Destinations where you can experience a snow holiday in a Huttopia chalet ?
Bourg Saint Maurice-Les Arcs | Vallouise | Font-Romeu | Divonne Les Bains

Published on 4 December 2018