Easter weekend at Huttopia

Published on 13 March 2019

In the heart of nature, children and adults can celebrate Easter as a family at Huttopia. A giant Easter egg hunt awaits you on the Sunday morning so you can enjoy precious moments together as a family.

The “Easter Egg Hunt” activity at Huttopia

Sunday 21 April
Behind your Wood Cabin, hidden at the foot of a tree in the midst of the forest, or nestled by the playground… Eggs, bells and rabbits await you at the Huttopia Campsites and Villages this season to the delight of all children!

A family escape for Easter weekend

Make the most of your Easter weekend at Huttopia to relax and enjoy go on an adventure with your kids. Get freewheeling with our half-day and full day electric bike hire service. And for toddlers, you can choose between baby bike seats or two-seater bike trailers.

Easter Egg crafts to pop in your suitcase

You will need…
> Eggs
> Newspaper
> Coloured paints
> paintbrush
> Wooden skewers

Step 1 : Drain the eggs:
Make a small hole with a needle at the top and bottom of the shell, then blow into the shell so that the egg runs out the other end. Then rinse the inside of the egg and let it dry.
Step 2
Push a skewer through the egg and hold it upright so you can paint the egg more easily without touching it.
Step 3 : Get your brushes!
Dots, lines, and above all, lots of colour… let your creativity express itself. A pretty souvenir to take home from your spring weekend at Huttopia.

3 nature destinations where you can go Easter Egg hunting at Huttopia:

Published on 13 March 2019