The Roadtrippers I An experience of Auvergne at Lac de la Siauve

18/05/2021 de La Rédac' Huttopia

Camille & Pierre from The RoadTrippers, nature lovers and travellers at heart, take you with them on their road trip in Huttopia! We couldn’t ask for better ambassadors to introduce you to our world!

Huttopia, here we come!

“This is it; our adventure has begun! We arrived at the Huttopia Lac de la Siauve campsite yesterday afternoon and settled into a Trappeur Tent for two nights. A complete first for Pierre, who wasn’t familiar with this type of accommodation. I, on the other hand, had already been lucky enough to sleep in several tents of this kind in Quebec. When we arrived at this site overlooking the lake, it immediately reminded of my stay in Grandes-Bergeronnes. Except that, there, it wasn’t a lake but a river: the St. Lawrence. I was delighted to set down my luggage in this very similar Trappeur Tent, which did however have one extra room: a bathroom with a toilet and, most importantly, hot water. A little bit of added comfort that made a big difference.

The tone has been set: we’re surrounded by nature, with an uninterrupted view of an unspoilt natural environment, ready for our first days of adventure and discovery.”

First stop Auvergne

lac de la Siauve, around half an hour from the Sancy massif, is an ideal base for exploring the volcanoes and regional park of Auvergne. Although we’re in the Cantal department, the borders with Puy-de-Dôme and Corrèze aren’t far away. And of course, this area’s big plus is the lake, over 21km long, which provides plenty of opportunity for swimming and water-based activities (paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, boat tours, etc.).”

Stepping back into the camper lifestyle

“As the day went on, we had to readjust to the camper life. Get reaccustomed to a more basic level of comfort than at home (something we actually really like!) and pay attention to our water consumption and our waste. Because what we’re really coming back to is life in harmony with nature. But it doesn’t take long for us to get back into the swing of things. Evening comes and we go to bed when the sun goes down. A more natural daily rhythm that will thoroughly recharge our batteries.”

A morning surrounded by nature at Lac de la Siauve

“The sun is coming up. It’s not the rays of sunlight shining through the tent canvas that tells us this, but the chorus of birdsong we can hear. It’s wonderful to hear these sounds of nature that don’t reach us behind the walls of our apartment. It’s a gentle wake-up that reminds Pierre of certain mornings in Australia, back when he was a volunteer for a department of environmental conservation. When he had to go into the bush an hour before sunrise to listen the sounds of the wildlife waking up so that he could count the species and note their locations. We’re not in the bush, but we close our eyes and have fun counting the different calls we can hear. Our favourite is that of an owl that will soon be turning in after its busy night.

As soon as I’m out of bed, I head to the entrance and slip outside. It’s fantastic being able to immerse myself in nature as soon as I wake up, something I love but don’t get to experience at all in my everyday life. The air is fresh on this May morning, so I go back inside to make myself a nice, hot herbal tea before continuing to admire the view.


As I gaze at the horizon, I’m already planning our day: we’ll go and explore the surrounding area to find the best views of the lake!”


<span style="font-weight: 500;"By The Roadtrippers

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