The Roadtrippers I A revitalising stay in the south of the Ardèche

20/05/2021 de admin

“The adventure begins the moment we turn the key in the ignition. Setting off for our destination, speeding along for miles, seeing the scenery change… We cross the north of Lozère to arrive at the Gorges de l’Ardèche canyon.”

Next stop Ardèche, and a Huttopia village

“We arrive at our destination, keen to see what this new site is like. The distinctive smell of the Ardèche is already filling our nostrils, welcoming us back. We’re greeted by Juliette, the Camp Manager, who talks us through some particularities of the site, a 16-hectare space with woods, fields and even a walking trail, where wooden cabins, Cahuttes and Trappeur and Bonaventure Tents blend in perfectly with their surroundings. We park Rosalie (our part-car, part-converted van) in a dedicated area, since the rest of the site is pedestrianised. Naturally! It seems an obvious choice for a site that blends in so well with nature to keep it free from the sound of engines..

And when we settle onto our pitch, we understand the benefit of this decision all the more. We’re surrounded by peace and quiet, all the better to hear the birdsong and the sounds of the animals and children that bring life to the paths.”

Time to slow down

“We spontaneously settle down on the sofas on our deck. And pause. It’s time to slow down after several hours flat out on the road. Here, past and future fade away to leave nothing more than the present moment. You can’t not be inspired to take your time in this natural setting. What’s more, there’s no Wi-Fi on the site. An extra reason to cut yourself off from screens of any kind: laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Not easy for us, two people who work with these devices daily. But at the same time, we are very aware of the importance of giving yourself some time to disconnect in this age where screens occupy a very important place both at home and at work. When night falls, we find that we no longer have any desire to start up our laptop and watch yet another series. We get comfy in the bed, listen to the noises around us and talk about anything and everything before drifting off to sleep. I think it’s really important to offer time away from our daily lives and daily habits like this. Times that make you stop and think, and sometimes realise certain things as well… That way, when you return home, you know you’ll be bringing back not just your luggage but a few traces of these transformative experiences.”

A trip to Balazuc and the Cirque de Gens


“Today, we headed to the village of Balazuc and natural beauty spot the Cirque de Gens. Two destinations that make a change from the canyon, and that were recommended to us by Juliette. With good reason: they both make for spectacular walks. One along narrow streets lined by the high stone walls of the village houses, the other along the trees on a path overlooking the river Ardèche. Both offering a different view of the Ardèche to the canyon.”

Sunset up in the trees


““This evening, we’re eating on the large, raised deck that also contains the pool, looking out over the trees. The ideal spot to admire the sunset (with a vegetarian platter in my case). The lush, green canopy marries with the changing colours of the sky. All of us enchanted by this spectacle we perhaps don’t pay enough attention to in our daily lives, we pause there for a while and just wait for the last ray of sun to go behind the horizon. Maybe that’s also part of what it means to reconnect with the moment.”

By The Roadtrippers

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