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“We follow country roads to arrive in Périgord Blanc (White Perigord). This is one of the four areas of the Dordogne, all named with a colour. It’s less famous than its purple and black neighbours, which makes us even more excited to discover it.”

“This fifth leg of the journey takes us right into the heart of a national forest, the Forêt de Lanmary. Huttopia Village here is more of a forest camp, developed in partnership with the ONF, France’s National Forests Office. Join us as we take you through our experience!”


Immersed in the Forest

““This village is perhaps one of the ones that best reflects the original Huttopia spirit, as this site was built from scratch (not converted from an existing campsite) in line with the brand’s vision.


We end up on a road through the forest that ends at a car park with a Huttopia sign. We’re starting to get used to how it all works and know that we’ll need to leave our car parked here and make our way to our accommodation on foot. The reception is 300m up from here. Some might say that the climb is a bit steep, but I see it as a sort of rite of passage. Passage from our everyday lives to a place of rest, rejuvenation and good times. With the help of a trolley, we get our luggage to our Cahutte. Something tells us that once we’ve settled in, we won’t want to leave this green and leafy haven. We feel like we’re cut off from the world, in our own little forest bubble.”

An Adventurer’s Cahutte


“ We get settled in the Cahutte we’ll be staying in for the next three nights! We’re excited to be sleeping in this triangular structure, part-wood and part-canvas, with two levels and a large deck. We feel like adventurers in a little jungle cabin. It’s so great to be able to look out and see nothing but trees. We’re surrounded by pines and enjoy their lovely smell throughout the day.


We go for a wander round the site and notice that the tents and cabins are well spaced out, meaning everyone can feel like they’re (almost) alone with nature. On this 20-hectare site, there’s no risk of getting in each other’s way. Our tour starts to feel almost like a hike as the paths take us through areas with different vibes and offering different views. Our highlight is the top of the campsite where the trapper tents are, overlooking the Château de Lanmary (now converted into a hospital).


And if you want to make the most of the site’s activities, you can just head to the reception where there’s a huge deck with a swimming pool nestled in the trees. This is where you come to have a drink, eat dinner, sign up to activities or sunbathe with your feet dangling in the water. »

Adventure on the Doorstep


« “On this site, everything is designed for you to enjoy nature without having to use your car – you just need to step outside your cabin. Take your pick from the ‘Smart Forest’ activity, tree climbing, the forest spa & yoga and guided electric bike rides with Pablo.

We go for yoga and hire electric bikes, which we ride along the paths (sometimes a bit up and down) through Lanmary forest. We can join the path right outside our Cahutte and can then take different signposted circular routes through the 800-hectare forest area. There’s a long-distance hiking route that passes by here too. »

Another Place to Disconnect!!

« Like at all Huttopia Villages, there’s no Wi-Fi on the site! And we’re not in 4G/3G territory here either for that matter. You could almost forget to even check your watch. It’s an environment that naturally encourages you to leave all your obligations behind until the end of your stay and just follow your whims. »


Written by The Roadtrippers

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