The Roadtrippers I Trip to the heart of the Loire Valley

08/06/2021 de admin

“Time for the last stop on our road trip in Huttopia: Saumur! We leave the Atlantic coast for the Loire. This river, the longest in France, is also one of the last ‘wild rivers’ in Europe.”

Our Tent Overlooking the Loire

“We arrive at this campsite a few miles from Saumur and collect the keys to a Classic tent (no bathroom inside), with an unobstructed view of the Loire. It’s definitely the best accommodation option on the site if you’re after an unobstructed view, although there are some pitches with views of the Loire as well. That could be a good option if you want to bring your tent or camper van and enjoy this beautiful vista at a low cost.


We take a few minutes to contemplate this panorama in all its detail: the Loire with its unspoilt banks and sandbanks, a herd of cows by the water’s edge, the fields and the clumps of trees that look like giant heads of broccoli from here. We open the front of the tent so that we can enjoy the scenery from inside (and from bed!) This view will be our TV screen for the next few days. We could spend hours looking at it.”

Sunrise & Hot Air Balloons

“It’s 6am and it won’t be long before the sun comes up. We drag ourselves out of bed, thinking of the spectacle that awaits us just opposite our tent. We settle down to wait in our folding chairs, with a soft, fleecy blanket, watching the sky turning pink as the minutes go by. The sight doesn’t disappoint. We let half an hour, perhaps even an hour go by as we follow the path of the sun.

Then, four hot air balloons in different colours appear above the treetops. They pass right over our tent. It’s our first time seeing them that close up. They seem to be following the Loire.”

Bike Ride Along the Loire

“So that’s it, our road trip in Huttopia has already come to an end. We spent 24 days on the road, travelling from the Ardèche to Maine-et-Loire via Puy-de-Dôme, the Dordogne, the Landes and Charente-Maritime. We were happy to finish with this site overlooking the Loire, which is surrounded by vineyards and also has a lovely pool area.”


Our Last Campsite

“We stayed in beautiful natural environments at every one of these 10 sites, trying out different types of accommodation along the way depending on the level of comfort we wanted. One thing’s for sure: a stay in Huttopia will be perfect for anyone who enjoys getting back to nature with all the essentials provided on-site. Anyone who needs to slow down, go back to basics, get a taste of adventure, try out new types of accommodation or spend real quality time with family.”

“See you soon for more adventures!”


Written by The Roadtrippers

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