Getting our children closer to nature

Published on 26 March 2019

Are our children disconnected from nature?

Walking barefoot in the grass, climbing trees, setting out on adventures on their bikes… Activities many children are no longer familiar with! The reason? Our ever-more-urbanized, modern way of life… According to recent studies, children are more and more cut off from nature. In fact, less than 10% of children play regularly in the nature, compared to more than 40% of their parents when they were young.

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Is it becoming indispensable to reconnect children with nature?

Young children (up to 6 years old) should spend as much time as possible outdoors. Contact with nature helps kids to learn and develop autonomy by allowing them to have their first independent experiences in life. And giving children the chance to let off energy reduces the risk of conditions such as attention-deficit disorders, hyperactivity and obesity.

« Play is essential in a child’s development. Learning to explore, imagine, and discover prepares a child for the complexity of the adult world. When they’re stuck in front of screens, children lose the notion of risk, so it is fundamental that we give them new opportunities to learn, for example how to manage height and speed, to use tools, and to socialize with each other… » Mathieu Maisonnasse – Activity Manager at Huttopia.

Connecting with nature is essential! So why not have fun doing it?

Connecting with nature is essential! So why not have fun doing it?

How can you help your children discover nature? Here are 3 ideas of nature activities to do with children during the holidays or over a weekend:

Wildlife walk : Take your children out to discover the local wildlife with a lovely walk out in the countryside. Alone or with a guide, the holidays are the ideal opportunity to explore and discover as a family!

Den building : alone or with their parents, kids love building their own dens. Enjoy an outdoor adventure constructing the most solid den possible!

Treetop adventures : Reach for the sky! With ropes and other equipment, children can climb up into the treetops. An original activity that allows even young kids to become familiar with the concepts of risk, height, and learning from nature. Give it a try!

As you can imagine, holidays are the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature… Are you short of ideas? Lots of campsites offer nature activities for children, so you can enjoy quality time as a family. Mathieu Maisonnasse, Activity Manager at Huttopia, tells us more:

« Huttopia Huttopia is a chain of nature campsites, and nature is at the very core of our values. Through our sites and activities, we offer children and their families opportunities to discover nature and explore the local environment. For example, at our ocean destinations, children can go shellfish gathering. In the Ardèche, they can do charcoal drawings reminiscent of the rock art in the prehistoric Chauvet Cave. At Dieulefit, we offer lavender workshops and a tour of a goat farm… »


Children are naturally curious and drawn to nature. So, it is important to give them a chance to discover it by having fun with them out in the countryside…. moments you will probably enjoy just as much as they will…

Let your imagination run wild!

Published on 26 March 2019