Motorcycle camping

Published on 18 May 2018

Motorcycles, symbols of freedom, inspire a philosophy very similar to that of camping. And bikers—those lovers of big open landscapes and adventures—are often keen campers. But it has to be admitted, motorcycle camping isn’t always easy: transporting all the gear, sleeping in rudimentary conditions… Bikers are adventurers but they also sometimes need the comfort of a good bed!

How can you camp with a motorbike?

When you go motorcycle camping, you have 2 options:

Camping on a pitch: this is probably the option that most motorbiking adventurers would choose. This sociable form of camping allows you to make short stopovers during your journey. The disadvantage is that you need to take all your camping gear with you, or at least a tent and a mattress.

Staying in rental accommodation: for those who like their creature comforts, you can always opt for equipped accommodation, often a mobile home. But on some campsites you can sometimes find more atypical accommodation, such as wood cabins. At Huttopia, for example, you can find wood & canvas tents for up to 6 people .

The best tips for camping with a motorcycle

Here are some tips for staying on a campsite with your motorbike, in the best possible conditions!
If you choose a camping pitch, you’ll need gear with you. Many models of tents and mattresses are specifically designed to take up as little space as possible. Remember to balance the weight of your gear on your bike.
And finally, don’t forget that there are campsites especially designed for bikers, with workshops equipped with tools, for example. A good solution to enjoy sociable evenings camping with your fellow bikers!

Published on 18 May 2018