(Re)discover the forest as a family with SMART’FOREST®

Published on 21 May 2018

An interactive walk in the heart of Lanmary national forest in the Périgord!

Would you like to take your kids out to discover the forest, but you’re not an expert on wildlife?
Do you need to motivate your troops who drag their feet at the mention of “a walk in the forest”? Then the fun Smart’Forest® app is for you. This adventure and discovery app combines games, quizzes and riddles and was created for the Huttopia Village Lanmary in association with the French national forestry commission.
We tested out a fun trail during our stay, with an outdoor smartphone, which allows children (and adults) to discover the history, heritage and mysteries of the forest in which the Huttopia Forest Village is nestled.

A family adventure

The starting point for our quest: the Huttopia Lanmary Forest Camp Central Lodge. We were given all the equipment we needed: an outdoor smartphone, a treasure map and clues to guide us through the different challenges and puzzles in the heart of Lanmary National Forest. From this starting point, you can choose from several different trails of varying length and on different themes: from a 90 minute walk (within the site, which is located in the forest) to around a half day. We opted for the “SECRETS OF THE FOREST” trail – allow an afternoon to do this route at a gentle pace.

Discover the forest in a whole new way

We set off on our expedition, Indiana Jones style. Clues in the form of QR codes were hidden about the forest, leaving us riddles to solve: How do roe deer find water? How can you follow an animal’s trail? Your observation skills, deduction… and courage will be put to the test!
The kids loved this game, which is both fun and educational: they discovered the different species in the forest, and learnt about the job of a forest warden. And for our part, we enjoyed the multi-sensory approach of the course and the beauty of the woodland. And above all, we spent quality time as a family: the aim was to have fun together (it’s even better when you’re learning!), not to take a theory lesson…

Some information on the 3 routes available at Huttopia Lanmary for nature lovers

Ideal for a first time or with young children, this route within the Village takes approximately 90 minutes and is accessible to all. You don’t have to go far to discover and learn!

The trail we tested out. Allow a half day to really make the most of it. We especially enjoyed the ideal combination of contemplation, observation and learning!

Presented a bit like an initiation quest, this course is more oriented towards discovering history and mythology, with a pinch of adrenaline too… Approximate time: half a day.

Published on 21 May 2018