Slow Food, the conscious consumer movement!

Published on 27 March 2019

Slow Food is about giving food it’s real value, by consuming differently and focusing on taste, quality and sharing. It’s good for your health, good for the planet, and above all good for your morale!

Slow Food, a new trend?

The Slow Food movement, which aims to revive the joys of eating good food, is gaining more and more followers around the world. Today in France, 3 out of 10 people say they are committed to this trend.

Founded in Italy in the 1980s, Slow Food developed in opposition to “fast food” and the “fast life”. The movement has since spread internationally and encourages consuming in a more sustainable and ethical way, favouring small producers and local food, while respecting the environment.

“Slow Food is a movement that’s not just about food. It also favours the cultural and touristic development of a region, by putting value on regional produce and local culture.” – Pierre Bonnet, New Concepts & Catering Manager at Huttopia.

Slow Food, Slow tourism, Slow life… Maybe it’s time to take our time?

The Slow Food movement is part of the Slow Life trend. Slowing down our pace of life, spending quality time together, enjoying an authentic experience… Values that are becoming increasingly important for many people, especially during the holidays!

Leaving your stress behind you, taking the time to enjoy the scenery and the destination, learning to discover the local culture… Slow Tourism is gaining more and more followers! Slow, responsible tourism is also about respecting the environment, preserving a region and its identity, favouring gentle modes of transport such as cycling, and above all, giving yourself the opportunity to escape and relax!

Is Slow Food possible on holiday?

Interview with our New Concepts & Catering expert at Huttopia, Pierre Bonnet:

“Absolutely! In fact, these new trends are at the very foundation of the Huttopia experience. Our main objective today is to work towards more responsible and local food sources for our campsites and villages. We are looking to favour regional products, offer local dishes, and get supplies from nearby producers and greengrocers, so that our customers can enjoy a truly authentic experience. For example, at our site, Dieulefit Village, we offer kiwis picked right next to the site and we cook Ravioli produced in the village!”

The holidays are an ideal opportunity to reconnect with nature, unwind, and bask in the sunshine. The perfect moment to take your time cooking! Make the most of going on a beautiful walk to pick some forest fruits, stroll around the local markets to choose some quality products, cook up delicious dishes on the plancha barbecue, and enjoy them with your family on the terrace… Slow foodies are in for a treat!

Published on 27 March 2019