Wifi-free holidays

Published on 4 January 2019

There are those who share every moment of their holiday on the social networks, and those for whom escape means disconnecting. If you dream of a smartphone-free holiday, it’s time to ditch the wifi and choose a digital break.

Some facts and figures…

A law has been in place for the last two years in France regarding the “right to disconnect”, to encourage employees to unplug from time to time. But what are the actual facts?

> 51% of managers check their emails and other work-related information from their beds… 2013 Roambi and Zemba Study
> 55% of French people say they are increasingly trying to “limit the time they spend on the social networks”. Observatoire de Sociovision (France 2018)
> We spend an average of 1 day per week online (www.itstimetologoff.com)
> 69% of English children say their parents spend too much time on their laptops at home (www.itstimetologoff.com)

What better time to replenish than on holiday?

Tourism establishments are repositioning themselves…
« Increasing numbers of actors in tourism are promoting disconnection, especially in North America where the digital detox concept has been around for some time now ». P. Bossanne, Huttopia CEO

Holidaymakers are calling for it!
« The tourists on our nature campsites and in our forest villages are increasingly seeking authenticity, a return to the roots, and a human touch. They want to spend quality time as a family with their kids and enjoy a gentler pace of life… » L. Fournier, Huttopia Marketing Director

Huttopia, the promise of an unplugged holiday

Recently, a new classification system for campsites in France incorporated a new criterion making wifi a requirement for all campsites with 2 or more stars. Huttopia challenged this criterion and repealed it, considering it unfitting. Is making wifi a REQUIREMENT in the midst of nature really what people are looking for? Is making wifi a REQUIREMENT on a nature campsite really a way of offering greater comfort?

« For almost twenty years now, Huttopia has been developing a range of innovative campsites and nature villages and we now boast over 50 destinations in France and North America. We offer our many customers the opportunity to stay in the midst of nature while enjoying real comfort, and the possibility to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with nature and their loved ones. From the very start, we chose not to offer wifi in our villages and to limit it to the area around the Central Lodges on our campsites.

It is a deliberate and conscious choice not to offer a wifi connection. At Huttopia, we are convinced that at a time when we are ever-more connected and dependent on the internet, some of us feel the need to power down during our holidays. » P. Bossanne, Huttopia CEO

Our mission: To invite our customers to seek simple and direct contact with nature and to enjoy replenishing moments in life together without constant wifi!

Our responsibility: To offer all our customers the opportunity to disconnect from daily life and reconnect with nature and their loved ones.

Huttopia holidays favour nature, tranquillity, and a gentle pace of life so that our customers can enjoy the present moment to the very full. Our holidays allow our customers to take the necessary time out to then be able to go full steam ahead! The other benefits of a wifi and screen-free holiday? You’ll awaken your 5 senses, find yourself lifting your eyes to admire the skies and the views around you, and creating beautiful memories together.

Are you ready to enjoy a « Digital Detox » for your next holidays? Perhaps that is what true luxury is all about…

Published on 4 January 2019