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Huttopia’s nature recommendations #1

24/04/2020 de Huttopia

At Huttopia, we are passionate about nature and wide open spaces.

At Huttopia, we are passionate about nature and wide open spaces. And when we love something this much, we can’t keep it to ourselves…

So we’re delighted to be bringing you regular selections of blogs, books, playlists, activities and many other things that members of the Huttopia team have particularly loved. So you can enjoy the natural world from home. And get ideas for your next getaway… Marieke, Customer Relations Officer at Huttopia, takes you through her recommendations for reconnecting with nature.

Breathtaking photos…

These Instagram accounts will blow you away… We loved Céline Ducrettet’s, mountains, the poetry in Claire Droppert’s images and the impact of Sébastien Plisson’s. Enjoy, like and share!

A blog on experiencing nature to the full

We were already fans of the blog En nature Simone, but we absolutely loved their article giving 1,000 ideas for ways to experience nature without leaving your home (in French only). Books, podcasts, videos, stories… It’s all there.

Nature activities for the kids… and the grown-ups!

Marieke shared with us a site she loves for keeping kids occupied and teaching them about the importance of preserving nature. The Nicolas Hulot Foundation has educational resources available to download and print for free (in French only).

A playlist for unwinding

Lay down outside in the sun or on your sofa, close your eyes… And listen to the playlist Nature Sounds. It’s like you’re really out in the wild…

A video of the Alps like you’ve never seen them before

Gaëtan Piolot spent 3 weeks travelling across the Alps, passing through France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. This video shows the amazing places and landscapes he saw along the journey. It will take you to some of the most beautiful lakes and mountains in the world… Speaking of which, Huttopia has several sites in the Alps: Huttopia Bozel-en-Vanoise, Huttopia Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Huttopia Vallouise and Huttopia La Clarée.

Click here for the journey through the Alps in 4K.

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