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5 ideas for ‘green’ camping this summer

16/06/2020 de Huttopia

Camping means adopting a free-spirited, wandering and minimalist lifestyle, being closer to nature…

Camping means adopting a free-spirited, wandering and minimalist lifestyle, being closer to nature… In short, taking a ‘green’ approach to holidays!
Those who choose to go camping often do so as part of wider eco-friendly efforts. But after you’ve pitched your tent in a pretty natural setting, how do you keep your impact on the planet to a minimum?
In collaboration with Nature et Découvertes here are Huttopia’s 5 tips for zero-waste camping!
1 | The handy reusable bottle

The negative impact of plastic bottles on the environment has long been known. Speaking of which, as of 2020 there are no plastic bottles on Huttopia sites! To limit our impact on the natural world, we’ve replaced them with reusable glass bottles.

Why don’t you do the same while camping? Get yourself the must-have zero-waste accessory: a reusable bottle or flask! It has it all: practical, light and durable, it’s as easy to carry around with you as it is to clean. It’s up to you to choose the best type for each member of the family: bottle or vacuum-insulated flask, stainless steel or aluminium…

2 | Ditch the paper plates

Disposable plates, bowls and cups are useful for reducing time spent washing up, but they’re harmful to the environment. When camping, hiking or picnicking, it’s best to bring sturdy, washable crockery. There are many different options to go with your traditional, eco-friendly stainless steels pots and pans. How about bamboo cutlery and cups and plates made of stainless steel or bioplastic?

3 | Operation Zero Bottles: solid toiletries and cosmetics

What could be better than a bar of soap for travelling light and minimising your impact on the environment?

From toothpaste and shampoo to soap and deodorant, all kinds of beauty products and toiletries are now available in a solid version. They work just as well as their liquid counterparts and when it comes to safety, they have a clear advantage. And, since they require less packaging and are made from natural ingredients, they are also kind to the planet!

4 | Minimal waste

Small actions to reduce your waste when camping:
– When you go shopping, pay attention to the packaging and buy loose items where possible. Make a list to avoid things going to waste and go for fresh, seasonal and local produce as much as you can. These ingredients will be sure to make you want to prepare your own meals. Perfect for healthy eating!
– When hiking or bivouacking, make sure you bring a bag to gather up any waste.
– Don’t forget to recycle at the campsite!

5 | The right choices for getting around

After you’ve set up your comfortable, zero-waste camp, you’ll no doubt want to explore the area. So many walks to do and so much local heritage to explore! How about using your holiday as a chance to leave your car in the car park? When you walk, cycle or use public transport, you’ll know that you’re reducing your impact on the environment. Plus, bikes are available to hire (standard or electric) within our Huttopia campsites and villages!

So there you are, you’re now ready for some zero-waste camping this summer…

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